Fabrication + Installation

Fabrication + Installation

Production facilities at Holt include in-house cabinetmaking, vitrine assembly, finishing, art graphics production, AV & electro-mechanical interactive production, and artifact mounting. These departments are all staffed with dedicated craftspeople that have years of exhibit production experience. This experience ensures that each component is produced to a quality standard that will meet or exceed our client’s specifications and expectations. Specific production areas are further defined as follows:


Holt has a fully equipped cabinetmaking shop, where we are able to cut, assemble, and finish all custom cabinetry parts.


Holt has key relationships with local metal fabrication partners who provide equipment and staff for full welding capabilities, as well as for machining parts and roll forming of tubing and pipe.


Holt Environments is fully equipped for the painting and finishing of our production casework, metal, and other exhibit components using application processes for acrylic, latex, lacquer, and enamel-based finishes.

AV + Interactive Systems

Holt Environments engineers and installs a full range of AV including audio systems, special effects, touch screen interactives, control systems, and environmental interfaces. Depending on the scale and complexity of each project, Holt Environments also has several highly skilled partners to choose from for additional audiovisual and programming services.

greensboro childrens museum interactive art table rendering 2
Greensboro NC childrens museum donor wall installation projection
HMI brand wall early installation photo


A Holt Environments Detailer will be dedicated to the project to convert the final design package, as approved by the client, into shop drawings that are used for fabrication and installation. Detailing is continuously involved throughout the production process providing solutions for fit-out, interface, engineering and structural issues, product availability and material specifications, and other critical production-related issues that may arise.


Installation is performed by a staff of experts who specialize in the on-site installation and dismantle. Because fabricators often have an intimate and unique understanding of the exhibit components, one or more members of the fabrication team may accompany installers on-site.

Stanley Gibbons Office - comic wall mural installation

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