Event Production

Make Your Live Event Memorable and Highly Impactful

Live production means immersing your audience in a powerful story. The Holt production team develops great events that build your brand through innovative content creation, brilliant sound, beautiful images, dynamic graphics and stimulating lighting. You can count on the Holt production team to bring production expertise to build brands, launch products, motivate sales teams and engage customers on a global scale. We design your event with business goals and budget in mind, then we deliver with flawless expertise that only top event and experiential agencies can deliver.

Live Event Production to Engage Your Audience

Content Creation – Video, Photography, Digital Design

Employee in chair

Impactful video, high quality photography and engaging moving graphics vastly increase the reach, and amplification of key messages, associated with your audience’s experiences. The Holt live production team is renowned for award winning video lighting design, production, direction, and content development to increase your event impact. Pre-produce video segments with 3D graphics to keep your event screens moving. You can take your audience on a visual journey of your products, services, experts and facilities. Digital content instantly engages your audience and brings any live event to a new level.

Brand Launch

This video was produced by the Holt Creative Director to launch a modernized brand for StorageTek, a Fortune 500 public high-technology company based in Colorado with global manufacturing and sales. It is a high impact video that was utilized at events, trade shows and advertising.

Live at the Event

Holt produced a series of videos at the CPHI event in Frankfurt, Germany to highlight key scientists and business leaders who were in attendance. Over the course of several days, the production team produced video interviews. Each day of the event, the Holt crew sent edited videos to the Thermo Fisher social media team to post and drive interest for attending the event and drive interest in the featured products.

Product Launch

Holt Marketing Environments produced this video for Columbia Forest Products to add impact to their trade show event screens, the company website and social media. The video production took place at the Holt Environments facility and utilized a Holt employee, Charlie Jones as the expert wood craftsman. The video promotes a new wood product line called Touchwood Panels.

Building Employee Culture

Waste Management Corporation hired the Holt Video Producer to film employees at work and the senior management team in Minute Maid Park in Houston. This compilation video shows some of the highlights of the long length program. The production was delivered for a live broadcast to over 50,000 employees to build the brand and promote top customer service and safety. 

Point of Purchase – Permanent Installation

A top weight loss firm tapped the creative and video production expertise of the Holt Video Producer to develop a point-of-purchase video to be utilized in store and on the website. The I Like You theme celebrates weight loss success of real people with fantastic results.

Product Features

The Holt Video Producer delivered a series of short videos to demonstrate a revolutionary new pump features to the oil and gas industry. Blake Olson, an engineer with Sundyne delivers a concise message with moving graphics. The video was utilized on screen in the trade show booth, the company website and social media.

Theme Development and Messaging

Every client we work with has a powerful story to tell about their brand, products and services. Our skill is magnifying that story through impactful content creation and high-impact production. We work with you to develop creative themes that build your brand and drive enthusiasm with your audience.

Show event room with lighting, seating, and video production by Holt

Signage Design and Delivery

Vantage Elevation NAEC custom trade show exhibit main entrance, designed and fabricated by Holt Environments

Our graphics and printing department is well equipped to produce computer cut vinyl lettering, logos, and paint masks. We can process almost any vinyl or specialty materials used for advertising, trade shows and point of purchase signage. We handle dye-sublimation printing, direct textile printing, direct-to-board printing, contour CNC routing, vinyl printing, vinyl cutting, lamination, and fabric finishing.

Event Collateral Design and Delivery

 The Holt team can help design graphics for booths, signage, banners for trade shows, invitations, catalogs, sales folders, badges, brochures, digital media, and anything else you may require for an upcoming event or show.

Holt designs, produces print collateral for corporate brand virtual live events

Location and Venue Scouting, Setup and Planning

Outdoor live event with custom comfort seating

The Holt team understands that selecting the right venue is an essential part of telling a brand’s story. Our location scouting team specializes in finding unique venues for experiential marketing events both in the U.S. and abroad. We will scout an event with you to determine the best use of space and branding to engage your audience and maximize your marketing investment.

Event, General Session, Breakout Meeting Creative and Production

When you are looking for that finishing touch to make your event unique, the Holt team will transform your audience experiences with crafted engagements, inspiring atmospheres and memorable entertainment for your event, general sessions and breakout meetings. You can count on Holt to meld creative and technical resources to make your event high-impact and effective.

Show event room with lighting, seating, and video production by Holt

Stage Design and Branding

Logistics for a live event

Experience design for events unites all of our disciplines – strategy, creative, technology and production – and focuses those talents to address and engage your audience. The Holt team understands how to optimally engage your audience in every aspect of an event so every participant lives the brand. From the venue doorway – to the grand ballroom – to the beach, the Holt team will make sure your audience is immersed in your brand.

Audio/Video/Lighting Design and Management

The Holt team has extensive experience in producing live events working with technical teams to make sure your audience is immersed in your brand and message. Live production capabilities  are united by the Holt team – strategy, creative, technology and production to produce a great audience experience. You can count on the Holt team to make your audio/visual and lighting needs seamless, creative and effective.

Custom audio, video recording, lighting for branded virtual live events

Speaker and Artist Booking and Management

Talent booking and management for company live event in convention center

The Holt team will find highly engaging presentations and real-life success stories to build your brand and make your event impactful with your audience. You can count on the us to work with your talent from booking to preparation to event production. We look at every detail from getting the talent to the event, to making the lighting and audio just right for audience impact.

Live Multi-Camera Video Production and Streaming

Live video is about the intimacy of seeing something up close — that unobstructed view from the back of the room. Nothing helps you more to captivate and persuade your audience than live video. Live video also can be broadcast to extend your live audience to anywhere in the world, or used later to highlight the event content. The Holt production team will work with you to engage your live and virtual audiences with professional multi-camera, live switching, image magnification, editing and digital graphics.

Multi-camera technology high impact screens and broadcast for corporate live event commercial