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Digital Design Technology Boosts Your Brand, Engagement and Memorability In Face-to-Face Marketing Environments

Interactive technology is not just for the Internet. Interactive walls, stations and devices are powerful marketing tools in the real world, too.

Interactive, stand-alone digital experiences improve live, face-to-face engagement with your guests at trade shows, facilities, and events, because they:

  • Captivate and impress your target audience better than static graphics and images.
  • Better position your company as a modern technology brand.
  • Better educate visitors about complex products and ideas.
  • More memorably and quickly communicate your product advantages.
  • Cause deeper and longer conversations with visitors, which helps to build personal connection and to close more sales deals.

Holt Marketing Environments can design, produce, program, house, and install bespoke interactives for you, making the most of your conversations with key audiences.

FMC trade show touch screen kiosk with staffer and attendee


Touch Screen Kiosks Improve Conversations, Capture Leads, Save On Shipping + Drayage

Give your exhibit staff a huge advantage and boost your trade show and event results with an interactive touch screen app and kiosks from Holt Marketing Environments:

  • Exhibit staff have instant access to a huge variety of product videos, image galleries, product brochure and spec sheet pdfs, all at their fingertips, for better-guided discussions with exhibit visitors.
  • Increase measurement of visitor product interest to trade show leads with backend analytics listing exactly which visitors requested specific product brochures.
  • Save money on shipping and drayage by not having to bring so much large physical product – very useful for equipment manufacturers.
  • Save money and avoid the inconvenience of printing, shipping, and managing dozens of different paper product brochures – often helpful for large companies with multiple product lines.
  • Get turnkey production by the same company designing and building your trade show exhibit, for ease of communication and a seamless, integrated design.
  • Reuse your interactive trade show app to engage with attendees at your own customer events and within your facilities between trade shows.

RFID Adds Tangible Interactivity To Digital Content Without Touch Screens

RFID blends technology and the real world to create tangible interactivity that boosts interest and memorability.

Attendees and exhibit staff are able to move different cards or even physical props containing an RFID chip by a sensor, triggering different corresponding digital assets on a computer to play on a large screen monitor.

RFID is a techy, memorable way to get trade show and event attendees hands on and engaged, in many cases without requiring a touch screen application.

Once the RFID programming shell is built initially, you have the flexibility to swap out newer products, videos, and copy for future events, allowing your interactive station to evolve with your organization.

RFID with 3D models as prompts for videos by Holt Environments

Augmented and Virtual Reality Memorably Fascinate Your Trade Show Attendees

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality make complex products more exciting and easier to understand to visually-overwhelmed, time-starved trade show attendees.

Augmented Reality provides a high-tech experience without isolating the viewer, overlaying digital images and text over real objects. This helps you demonstrate the otherwise-invisible reasons why your products are superior. Attendees experience your story in a novel, tech-enabled fashion, while still being engaged face-to-face with your exhibit staff.

Virtual Reality immerses trade show attendees within an imaginary new world created with video and animation. Attendees movingly experience your products, technology, locations and facilities, and go home remembering more about your company. They can even navigate within the virtual world to personalize their experience.

Custom augmented reality app creates interactivity at trade show booth

3D Animations Show Visitors What Can’t Be Brought To The Trade Show Floor

3D Animations vividly tell your story and help trade show attendees better grasp the value of your products, processes, and facilities.

We can produce 3D animations for use in your videos, touch screen kiosks, and augmented and virtual reality interactives. We can make a motion graphic that attendees view passively, or a model of your product that attendees can “move” themselves to view from different angles for even greater personalization and interactivity.

3D Product Renders

Virtual Trade Show Exhibitions


Make an exciting, lasting impression on visitors to your organization with interactive technology. Our interactive applications, coupled with our custom-designed woodwork cabinetry, have helped corporations energetically engage buyers, partners, and employees, and have helped museums spark and hold the curiosity of thousands of children and adults. Let us bring the power of interactives to energize the people within your facility.

Interactive Touch Screens – Single and Multi-Screen Installations

Presentation in conference room with organic shape table and wall of monitors

People have grown to rely daily on the intuitive navigation and control of the personal touchscreens of their smart phones and tablets.  Give them the same high-touch experience, on larger touch screens within your facility.

  • Install multi-screen, multi-touch interactive surfaces that impress groups of visitors with unexpectedly tactile digital experiences.
  • Captivatingly tell your brand story with videos, animations, timelines, maps, product information, and company heritage, leveraging existing or newly created content.
  • Let visitors take control and navigate where they want, or have your presenters direct your interactive for more dynamic group presentations.
  • Install touch screens in lobbies, meeting rooms, and customer experience centers to impress and persuade visitors and recruits, and in training rooms and innovation labs to boost employee productivity and collaboration through real-time collaborative working software modules.

RFID Lets Visitors Handle Real Objects To Navigate Digital Content

Put your visitors in control as they experience your story in a novel way with RFID.

RFID-tagged physical objects trigger specific digital content associated with them. You can choose as physical triggers items such as your actual or model versions of your products, heritage artifacts, and museum interpretive props.

With RFID, your visitors will remember your story, your objects, and the overall experience within your space better.

Create an RFID activation for any audience demographic that connects with your visitors tactilely and emotionally and sends them home with an enduring memory.

Interactive display with RFID sensors and 70 inch monitor within facility tour

Electromechanical Interactive Kiosks + Exhibits For Ultimate Audience Engagement

Give your museum and facility visitors the ultimate experience with electromechanical interactive kiosks.  These wonders are sometimes called “phygital” exhibits, as well, connecting the physical and digital worlds.

Combine custom programming, digital content, touch screens, controls, push buttons, sound, graphics and custom cabinetry into unique interactives built to amaze and engage.

We will work with you to brainstorm, design, program, build, and install an electromechanical exhibit that wows your visitors on opening day and for years to come.

Custom corporate environments with touch screen trade show kiosks and wall implementations by Holt Environments

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