Office Interior Design Services
and Beyond

Office Interior Design Services
and Beyond

A vital component of any brand is the physical space it occupies. A company’s office should communicate brand mission, values, and culture to every employee, client, and visitor. Holt Environments provides office interior design services that define your brand and sets the tone for your team.

Office interior design matters. For instance, the interior design of an office influences employee morale, creativity, and efficiency. With so many job opportunities available, top talent chooses to work for organizations that provide well-crafted, inspiring, and comfortable work environments. Investing in commercial interior design services bolsters your bottom line by decreasing employee turnover rates and improving recruitment efforts.

Holt Environments office interior design dives deep into the core brand concepts of an organization to understand the nuances that differentiate it from competitors to begin the process of redesigning an office space. Strategic planning after discovery includes brand research, data analysis, performance measurement, and a variety of other tactics to develop an informed approach to creating the ideal workspace. Our team then focuses on the creative development of programmatic elements from furniture to signage. A team of experienced professionals then installs every component of the new environment.

Beyond the traditional workplace, Holt Environment also offers services to create branded environments in cultural destinations, academic institutions, healthcare facilities, retail outlets, and at events. Whether you need to build your brand in-office or expand your reach in public-facing spaces, rely on Holt Environments to create the perfect environment for you and your target audience.

With our office interior design services, transform your company’s workspace to support your business goals and inspire innovation. The Holt Environments team hosts an in-depth discovery meeting with your stakeholders to understand every aspect of your needs. After developing the well-researched interior design concepts we walk you through our ideas using 3D renderings and animation to determine which elements best suit your needs. Our interior office design services incorporate everything from paint and flooring suggestions to technology, lighting, furniture and environmental graphic design.

To accompany the outstanding office interior design services we offer, our internal fabrication shop makes it possible to translate a design into a comfortable and useful piece of furniture, signage, or collaborative technology. Any custom millwork piece that your facility requires can be crafted in our state-of-the-art shop, from meeting tables to custom AV walls.

As a business, you want to maximize the utilization of your space. Fortunately, our space planning services can help you to get the most from your space while still giving your employees satisfying conditions to get the job done. To accompany the redesign of any office space, our team works with your facilities staff to establish new furniture plans and budgets. We minimize the concerns of growing your business as we plan work spaces that evolve with your company.  Our furniture partners include some of the top names in office furniture; names like Inscape, Borgo and Sit On It Seating.

These days users – whether they are employees, clients, or leads – expect interactivity integrated into their experience with a brand. Regardless of whether you are in the office or on the road, custom-programmed technology contributes to workplace innovation.

Holt Environments engineers custom AV interactives and designs interactive touchscreen programs to educate as well as market your products and services. Let our digital designers develop your presentations, kiosks, multi-touch walls, and more for your facility or event space.

Signage plays an important role in everyday life. From following directions using street signs to locating items on your list at the grocery store, signage is everywhere.

Directional and identification signage guides people throughout your facility while also fostering a sense of space by speaking to your brand and its culture. By layering elements such as glass distraction graphics, vinyl lettering, paint stencils, lighting, and digital components the Holt Environments team designs and installs impactful wall experiences that reinforce your brand message for your staff, customers, and leads.

One of the most stressful aspects of office interior design services is bringing the concepts to life. Fortunately, our in-house team and on-site production facility create the finest pieces, completely customized to meet the exact specifications of each and every client. Following installation, you’ll find that Holt Environments’ work always exceeds expectations.

With over forty years of experience as a branding, marketing, environmental design, and fabrication agency, Holt Environments works with organizations to communicate their stories through visually compelling and informative environments. Employing the most talented and enthusiastic professionals, we empower creative minds to reach their full potential.

Ready to discuss the possibilities for your workspace with our office interior design services experts?