Vantage Elevation large booth NAEC 2019

Vantage Elevation NAEC 2019

Vantage Elevation NAEC 2019

Vantage Wins “Best Island Booth” at NAEC With 20 x 30 and 50 x 80 Spaces

Vantage Elevation is a family of elevator business companies that includes GAL, Hollister Whitney, GAL Canada, Courion, Bore-Max and Elevator Controls.  The new Vantage brand was introduced to the public at the previous year’s NAEC 2018 (National Association of Elevator Contractors) Show in Atlantic City.

Vantage aimed at NAEC 2019 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to strengthen their leadership presence in the elevator industry and position themselves as a one-stop shop.  They again turned to Skyline-Holt, this time to make the most of their two island spaces at the 2019 show:

  • 20×30 Island: This island space had already been paid for by one of the competitors Vantage had purchased in the 12 months leading up to the show.  So, Vantage used it as a registration and survey area, where visitors were given booklets for prizes when they visited certain areas within the 50 x 80 booth. There was also a large LED tile video wall showcasing the Vantage Family of companies and people.
  • 50 x 80 Island: While also having a registration and survey area, there was much more to this larger booth, in three big ways: branding, product display, and hospitality. A combination of large hanging signs and mural graphics promoted the Vantage brand with colorful bold graphics. Multiple kiosks showcased products from Vantage’s various divisions, with shelving, pedestals, and wall mounts. And with Vantage’s high market share, Vantage had bars and many intimate seating areas for discussions and hospitality for building stronger relationships with their clients.

At the show, Vantage posted on social media, “We are so honored to receive the award for Best Island Booth at this year’s NAEC Annual Convention and Expo.” Respondents to an internal survey after the show were highly complimentary of the large size and lighting of the booth, and how it drove home Vantage branding.

At NAEC 2020 in Houston, Vantage plans to again use the 50 x 80 Skyline-Holt exhibit, while incorporating into it the welcoming aspect of the 20 x 30 space from 2019.

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Vantage Elevation large booth NAEC 2019
Vantage Elevation hospitality area
GAL kiosk in Vantage Elevation booth NAEC
booth staff and brands Vantage NAEC 2019
GAL kiosk in Vantage trade show booth
Hollister Whitney Kiosk in Vantage trade show booth
Vantage Elevation trade show exhibit lounge area
Vantage product wall NAEC 2019
Vantage Elevation wall and bar at NAEC
Vantage Elevation product pedestals graphics
Vantage wins best island booth NAEC 2019
Vantage Elevation big mural

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