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Thermo Fisher Scientific One PSG 2019

Thermo Fisher Scientific One PSG 2019

Branded Internal Event Strengthens Post-Acquisition Team

After their 2017 acquisition of Patheon, Thermo Fisher Scientific created the world’s most comprehensive and sophisticated end-to-end CDMO partner. The goal of their 2019 Global Commercial Meeting was to reinforce that they were all now part of a single team: One Pharma Services Group 2019.

In planning for the event design, Holt Environments previewed the meeting site and several potential off-site venues, to identify the best opportunities to help promote the event message and to layer the Thermo Fisher Scientific branding over the event meeting facilities.

For the event, Holt Environments:

  • Designed and built a 30-foot wide, fabric-wrapped, concave back wall for use on the main stage that helped reinforce Thermo Fisher Scientific’s unified event message. This exhibit is now in Thermo Fisher Scientific’s exhibit inventory for potential future use at events and trade shows.
  • Designed and provided event décor, including fabric banner backdrops with red LED displays and pebble rock boxes in halls and breakout rooms to reinforce red TFS brand color and team building. This décor amplified the company’s branding within the main meeting room, the pre-function hall outside of the meeting room, and the ballroom pre-function room where cocktail reception was ultimately held.
  • Provided secondary audiovisual including rental monitors, TV stands, and media players for use in the back of the main meeting room during breakout times and intercessions. Holt Environments also produced printed monitor shrouds to reinforce the meeting theme: “Solved with #OnePSG – one year / one team / one mission.”
  • Provided on-site, on-call tech support, for exhibit, décor, lighting and AV installation and dismantle labor.

Holt Environments designs helped convert the elegant meeting facility into a Thermo Fisher Scientific branded event, instilling deeper connections among the high-value attendees to their company.

ThermoFisher Scientific Testimonial

ThermoFisher Scientific employees describe their experiences with the Holt Environments team.

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Event space red LED lights extend brand colors
Thermo Fisher meeting – branded arch exhibit
Meeting space branded with red LED lights
Thermo Fisher PSG event stage
Wine glass hoop skirt at 2019 meeting and event

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