Thermo Fisher Scientific Digital Innovation Summit 2019

Thermo Fisher Scientific Digital Innovation Summit 2019

All-Day Event Facilitates Digital Healthcare Learning And Networking

Thermo Fisher Scientific hosted a one-day Digital Innovation Summit for over 100 attendees in October 2019 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Thermo Fisher Scientific collaborated with industry leaders from across biotech and pharma to share insights about digital innovation and the future of clinical trials and the impact on sponsors, study sites and patients.

The Digital Innovation Summit was held inside a 173×77 foot tent in the Fisher Clinical Services facility parking lot. Thermo Fisher asked Holt Environments to design a temporary space, divided into three major areas, for presentations, networking, and meals:

  1. Theater-style seating, with a branded stage, projector screens, speaker’s podium, and seating for around 100 attendees. Attendees watched 10 presentations, from Thermo Fisher Scientific and other healthcare & tech leaders, and even a personal story from a patient.
  2. A trade show style area with 11 branded display areas, for 90 minutes of table tops sessions and networking. Branded kiosks included flat screens for tech-enabled presentations.
  3. Seated tables for breakfast and lunch, with catering buffet tables, plus additional high tops for the networking session.

Holt Environments performed a site visit two months before the event, and then built, transported, installed, supervised, and dismantled the event equipment.

To provide hospitality to attendees for the all-day event, the tent was supported with a large portable generator, water, a smaller, adjacent catering tent, and an upscale portable restroom. Plus, to accommodate the unpredictable October Pennsylvania weather, the tent was set up with heating and air conditioning.

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Event Planning + Design

Graphic Design + Production

Shipped Event Structures

Logistics + Onsite I&D

ThermoFisher Allentown Innovation Day overhead view
Thermo Fisher Innovation Day 2019 - Outdoor tent and flags
Thermo Fisher Innovation Day 2019 – reception and displays
Thermo Fisher Innovation Day 2019 – display area
Thermo Fisher Innovation Day 2019 – Stage and backdrop
Thermo Fisher Innovation Day 2019 – networking session
Thermo Fisher Innovation Day 2019 – Allentown facility

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