Southeast Raleigh YMCA - find your strength window graphic side view

Southeast Raleigh YMCA

Southeast Raleigh YMCA

Motivational, Branded Graphics For A New Facility

The new Southeast Raleigh YMCA facility was built in conjunction with the Wake County School system with an elementary school attached and some shared facilities.

The YMCA, with collaborative partners, is working in a Collective Impact Model to change these statistics about the Southeast Raleigh community:

  • The number of single-parent households is 50% higher, the unemployment rate is 50% higher, the obesity rates are 8% higher and instances of Type 2 Diabetes are 9% higher than the rest of Wake County
  • The average lifespan of a resident living in the 27610 zip code, in the heart of this community, is 12 years less than the lifespan of a resident in the 27617 zip code.

Holt Environments was asked to graphically help provide motivation and inspiration to YMCA members, while keeping YMCA branding consistent with other facilities in the Triangle. Also, to include in the graphic design a local community element. For example, words in the graphics are in both English and Spanish.

Holt Environments printed and installed several large colorful window graphics surrounding various rooms in the facility. Vinyl graphics were applied on the inside surface of the glass windows to reduce wear and for easier cleaning in high-traffic hand-print spaces.

Covering a large concrete wall within the facility lobby is an artist’s installation. Holt Environments also supplied a double-sided information graphic panel mounted to the vestibule glass to provide details about the artist and installation.

Southeast Raleigh YMCA

Institutions, Graphics

Graphic Design + Production

Southeast Raleigh YMCA - find your strength window graphic
Southeast Raleigh YMCA - find your strength window graphic close up
Southeast Raleigh YMCA - artist installation graphic
Southeast Raleigh YMCA lobby with art
Southeast Raleigh YMCA – listen window graphic
Southeast Raleigh YMCA – mission statement graphic in lobby
Southeast Raleigh YMCA – find your strength window graphic side view

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