Scott Safety Franklin Hub Innovation Center

Scott Safety Franklin Hub Innovation Center

Collaborative Workplace Empowers Greater Innovation

Scott Safety (formerly a division of Tyco, then Johnson Controls, and now owned by 3M) wanted to signal their shift to a more innovative company culture among their engineering team.

To make that shift visible and tangible, Scott Safety retained Holt Environments to create a more energetic and collaborative workspace for an internal “think tank,” called the Franklin Hub.

This space was built inside its own dedicated room — separated by walls from the old and unchanged cubicle farm (and the old-school attitudes they prolong).

Holt Environments visually announced the Franklin Hub entrance with a bold and energizing pattern of red hexagons on a bright blue background, literally a beacon of color amidst a drab ocean of gray cubicles, paint, and carpet.

Inside the Franklin Hub, Holt designed a space built around collaboration:

  • A continuation of the vivid graphic design announced outside the Hub
  • Motivational graphic images and messages
  • Collaborative workstations where team members work together on new solutions
  • A conference area where engineers review data and plans on a large flat screen monitor
  • A more casual home-like workspace including a sofa and coffee bar

This creativity-boosting space gave these Scott Safety engineers affirmation that their idea generation was the new direction for the company.

Scott Safety


Branded Environments

Interior Design + Space Planning

Workspace Furniture + Custom Millwork

Graphic Design + Production

Fabrication + Installation

Scott Safety Innovation Hub design rendering
Scott Safety Innovation Hub - Top View
Scott Safety Innovation Hub approach rendering
Scott Safety Innovation Hub – Exterior Wall 3D graphic treatment
Scott Safety Innovation Hub – Bar + 3D Logo rendering
Scott Safety Innovation Hub – 3D Logo wall install
Scott Safety Innovation Hub – photo of bar and 3D logo graphics
Scott Safety Innovation Hub – Teleconference table
Scott Safety Innovation Hub – motivational graphics

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