Special event exhibit at Inmar 2019 Analytic Form in Winston-Salem NC

Inmar Analytics Forum 2019

Inmar Analytics Forum 2019

Inmar is an intermediary provider of financial and logistical transactions between manufacturers and consumers and a developer of data analytics technology that evaluates those transactions. Inmar asked Holt Environments to help them build brand equity at the Benton Convention Center, the site of their 2019 Inmar Analytics Forum.

Working with Inmar’s goals and design guidelines in mind while adhering to the rules of the Winston-Salem venue, Holt Environments bolstered Inmar’s key messages with vivid graphics and modern exhibit structures strategically positioned throughout the convention center.

As long-time event design and execution partners, Holt Environments was able to cost-effectively re-skin Inmar-owned exhibits that Holt manages, design and build smaller new custom elements, establish the Inmar brand in a guest registration zone, and thematically brand breakout and transition areas. Holt Environments also extended the Inmar brand with other graphics added to the convention space, including window graphics featuring event icons on the convention center entrance doors that helped set the stage right from the start.

Holt Environments also provided on-site installation and dismantle services, delivering all exhibit assets right from their main facility in High Point, North Carolina.



Event Planning & Design

Shipped Event Structures

Logistics and Onsite I&D

Special event registration exhibit at Inmar Analytic Forum 2019 in Winston-Salem NC
Event branding with tower and kiosk in convention center in Winston-Salem NC
Colorful temporary wall graphic for special event meeting at Benton Convention Center
Exhibit installation and dismantle at corporate event in Winston-Salem NC
Window graphics of event icons at Benton Convention Center for Inmar Analytic Forum

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