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Greensboro Children’s Museum Interactive Art Table

Greensboro Children’s Museum Interactive Art Table

The Greensboro Children’s Museum focuses on creating hands-on, interactive experiences that stimulate children’s imaginations and provide educational play.  While almost all experiences are traditional, the Museum sought to grow its digital experiences.

“While working with Holt Environments on new recognition signage for our Museum we saw examples of interactive digital displays they had developed for other companies,” explained Marian King, CEO of the Greensboro Children’s Museum.  “Wanting to add an interactive digital art table to the Museum, we asked if they would be interested in the project.”

“They were very enthusiastic and came back with program and design concepts that were exactly what we wanted: fun, engaging experiences for both solo and team work.”

Holt Environments designed and programmed the multi-touch art table software in stand-alone modules that include:

  1. Let’s Color – a digital coloring book with multiple themes of pages to choose from.
  2. Let’s Draw & Paint – free drawing canvases that can be used in single-user or multi-user mode to draw and paint your own digital masterpiece.
  3. Touch FX Lab – a collection of scripts that react to the touch in fun and visually different patterns and reactions that follow your fingers as they move across the touch surface.
  4. Artistic Visions – a gallery of images of the Greensboro Children’s Museum portrayed in the styles of famous painters that are only revealed as your fingers “scratch away” the photograph to reveal the artist’s style below the surface.

The interactive art table structure included a large 65-inch touch screen flush-mounted into a custom-built cabinet. The cabinet was designed and fabricated at an appropriate height for 3 to 8-year olds and securely houses the technology required to run the interactive art program.

King is pleased with how their interactive art table looks and performs.  “Holt also designed a custom graphic wrap for the table which reflects our brand and customers. The table is extremely popular with guests and is easy for staff to maintain.”

Greensboro Children's Museum

Greensboro Children’s Museum employees describe their experiences of working with the Holt Environments team.

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