Divers Alert Network

Divers Alert Network

Divers Alert Network (DAN)

To capture the spirit of deep-sea diving for the Divers Alert Network, large underwater photos and blue shapes adorned the 12-foot tall double-sided backwalls circling the 40 x 40 foot space. The backwalls were sized and located to entice visitors, while still boldly defining the space. Functional areas included space for small educational sessions, reception desk, small meeting areas, and storage. The space was topped by a 20 x 20 hanging sign visible anywhere in the hall.


Trade Shows

Trade Show Strategy

DEMA 2018 DAN 40x40 B5
DEMA 2018 DAN 40x40
DEMA 2018 DAN 40×40 C6
Divers Alert Network
DEMA 2018 DAN 40×40 C5
DEMA 2018 DAN 40×40 E2
DEMA 2018 DAN 40×40 A7

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