ACN Circle of Champions




Branded Training Area, Lobby, and Hallways

ACN, based in Concord, North Carolina, is the world’s largest direct seller of telecom services. After moving into their new headquarters, ACN reached out to Holt Environments to design a more elegant lobby and hallway to correlate with the beautiful presence of the exterior building. ACN brings sales agents in from all over the world for training and development. Their uninspiring white-walled training room needed new life to represent their world class brand.

Lobbies surround employees and visitors with a company’s brand. ACN was able to set a professional and sophisticated mood through the renovation of their lobby and hallways. Various materials and textures were combined to achieve the look ACN was striving for. Brushed aluminum clocks in the lobby paired well with the dark wood paneled walls. As visitors and employees would be flanked with branding as they entered into the hallways. Large graphics summarize the functional responsibilities of each department within ACN.

To create a branded training room, the plain white 72’ wide curved wall was transformed into a branded backdrop with an elevated stage. Holt Environments created and installed a continuous, subtle graphic mural in each of the large recessed areas of the room. The dramatic 12’ long by 3’ tall brushed aluminum 3-D logo letters brought their multifaceted logo to life and boldly branded the room.




3D Logos

ACN Mural Wall in branded training area
ACN Clock Wall Fit-out
ACN Mural Wall and chairs in branded training area
ACN Mural Wall
ACN Clock Wall Fit-out
ACN mural wall before

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