Build Memorable Brand Experiences For Key Audiences In Face-To-Face And Virtual Environments

Anyplace your clients, prospects, employees, and business partners gather, Holt creates engaging experiential marketing environments that enhance the brand power of that interaction, helping you:

  • Create stronger buyer and employee relationships
  • Enhance your company image
  • Generate more sales leads
  • Increase memorability
  • Spark product and business innovation
  • Improve employee productivity

We help you attract, engage, persuade, and motivate your audiences at trade shows, events, within your facilities, and in virtual spaces 24/7. Through immersive activations driven by experiential strategy. Offering a single source to provide a unified vision wherever you interact face to face. And turnkey services to get it all done right.

Holt Will Ease Your Workload + Maximize Your Trade Show Results

Trade shows require both creative marketing, plus tremendous attention to detail.

Holt Environments offers you over four decades of experience designing, building, and installing innovative exhibits, combined with our finely-honed project management teams and processes that keep everything on-track.

Take your trade show strategy and execution to the next level, with Holt Environments.

Event Exhibits That Tie Your Key Employees, Clients, and Partners Closer To Your Brand

Multiply the memorability of your live events by transforming your anonymous event venue into a bastion for your corporate brand.

Holt can strategize, design, build, install, and produce events with compelling exhibits, kiosks, graphics, and experiences that boost the brand impact of your corporate events.

So you can strengthen connections with your sales leaders, investors, top management, clients and users, plus dealers and other channel partners.

Inspire Employees + Visitors To Your Facilities With Branded Interiors

Call on Holt to create branded marketing environments in facility interiors that inspire, educate, motivate, and connect employees and visitors to your brand.

Our team provides strategic planning, innovative development, and the highest quality engineering to create memorable experiences.

With over four decades of experience, Holt Environments sets the stage to spotlight your brand, its messaging, and goals.

Enhance Live and Digital Face-To-Face Interactions With Interactive Experiences

Interactive, stand-alone digital experiences improve face-to-face engagement with your guests at trade shows, facilities, museums, events, and online.

Holt can design, produce, program and install custom interactives and cabinetry for you, making the most of your conversations with key audiences.

Our interactives help you captivate, entertain, and educate visitors, and enhance your modern brand.

Our Approach to Marketing Environment Design

Creating corporate marketing environments demands a sophisticated, thorough, and versatile approach. No two organizations are the same, meaning Holt Environments is challenged with the task of building marketing environments that speak to target audiences in unique, inspired, and informed ways.

The process for developing a marketing environment begins with strategic planning. This phase focuses on brand research, audience segmentation, campaign implementation tactics, data analysis, and performance measurement. This informed approach allows our team to create a marketing environment that connects with the audience.

Next, Holt Environments focuses on the creative development of the programmatic elements. From structure to signage, furniture to fixtures, and everything in between, our team designs everything required to cultivate curiosity, foster conversations, and convert leads.

After design, then we build. Whether it’s our woodworking or metalworking shops or the expert graphic designers employed at Holt Environments, organizations trust us to fabricate and install the components of their branded environments without hassle or setbacks. In-house teams ensure each component is produced to the highest quality standard to exceed every client’s expectations. It’s during this final step that the well-crafted vision of a Holt marketing environment takes shape.

Marketing environment design requires a thorough knowledge of specific business uses, marketing strategy, environmental graphic design, venues and facilities, engineering, and construction. That’s why organizations trust Holt Environments with the planning, design, and fabrication of their marketing environments. Contact our team today to bring your story to life in your own marketing environment.

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