Branded Environments Seminar: Raleigh Edition

Best Practices for Aligning your Facility Design with your Corporate Culture

On October 4, 2018, we will be presenting in Raleigh a seminar, “Branded Environments: Best Practices for Aligning your Facility Design with your Corporate Culture.”

We are hosting this event to help you understand and experience this key fact: Your facility can do more. It can go beyond being just a place where your workers, clients, and visitors gather. Your facility can actually inspire them.

Inspire Your Key Audiences with a Branded Environment

You can create an environment where your employees better understand and are more motivated by your corporate culture in a way that a bullet point memo never could.

You can create places in your facility that tell your story so well your clients and prospects become emotionally connected to your brand.

You can create reception and lobby areas so thrilling they surprise visitors into seeing your company in a new and better light.

We will share best practices for aligning your facility design with your corporate strategy in a two-hour seminar and happy hour from 3 to 5 pm on October 4, 2018. (It will be hosted at our Morrisville facility, so you can even see an actual example of a well-branded environment when you attend.) Click here to register for this event, which also includes food and beverages.

At this seminar we will answer these key questions by sharing our experience along with dozens of visual examples:

  • How do changing and diverse demographics affect how employees perceive their work environments?
  • What kinds of spaces appeal to the evolving functional demands of today’s workers?
  • What are the best material elements used for creating branded environments, and what goals do they achieve?
  • What are the most important audiences for corporate facilities, and for non-profit organizations?
  • What are the latest design trends for corporate facilities?
  • What is the most valuable application for integrating advanced technologies into spaces?
  • How do you get key stakeholder feedback when starting a branded environment project?

Companies and organizations that embrace strategically branded environments in their facilities gain more motivated employees, more successful new employee recruiting, more productive R&D teams, and better sales and marketing outcomes.

Click here to register and attend our “Branded Environments: Raleigh Edition” seminar and see for yourself.